KwiKool® Industrial Cooling Systems

About KwiKool®

KwiKool® has been serving the indoor and outdoor cooling needs of commercial and industrial professionals throughout the United States since 1997.

KwiKool® products tackle difficult situations by finding innovative solutions not otherwise available on the market – with a performance focus.

KwiKool® is redefining the portable cooling industry one product at a time. KwiKool® systems are manufactured with high-grade steel and utilize proprietary components as well as the very best available American made parts.

We continually improve products to remain one of the top American producers of the highest quality commercial portable cooling products. We aim to create the most value for our clients with all fifty-four products in our line-up, all manufacturered in Texas.


  • Provides efficient and balanced airflow
  • Largest capacity 2-ton unit that runs on a dedicated 115 volt/20-amp circuit
  • Offers 1-ton to 10-ton Air & Water-cooled Models
  • Available high static 1-ton that moves air up to 90ft
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • 95% made from copper, aluminum and steel
  • Comes with a standard 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Only company offering 10-ton models
  • Made in the USA

Take a Look at these High-Performance KwiKool® Products

Kwikool® KPO™ Indoor | Outdoor

The powerful KPO™ Indoor/Outdoor models are designed to leave an extremely small footprint making them ideal for areas with limited space. The heavy-duty 12-gauge steel base allows forklift skid access and the high static blowers allow cooled air to reach sealed interior rooms via ductwork. Available in 5-ton or 12-ton cooling/heating capacities.

Kwikool® Iceberg Series KIB Models

Portable cooling ideal for server room applications. The air-cooled Iceberg Series™ KIB Models offer more efficient dual ducting for balanced room air pressure and comes in 1-ton to 10-ton capacities.

Kwikool® BioKool™ KBIO1411

BioKool™ redefines cool clean, fresh air with its HEPA filter and high-intensity UV light that destroys up to 99.97% of airborne pathogens. Available in 1-ton capacity air or water-cooled portable systems ideal for hospital applications.

Kwikool® KCA™ KCW™

Ceiling Master KCA and KCW Series above ceiling mounted air-conditioners are ideal when floor space is limited or unavailable. Available in both air-cooling or water-cooling options in 2-ton to 5-ton capacities.

Kwikool® KPACII™

For fast and effective cooling of a tight work space, the KPAC II Series is the small, yet mighty cooling solution. The KPACII can reach a 20°F temperature differential, so 90°F input air will produce 70°F output offering effective cooling for a person or work space. Available in 1.1-ton, 1.5-ton & 2-ton capacities.

Kwikool® AtticMaster™

The AtticMaster™ is ideal for spot cooling in high temperature environments. With 30 feet of specialized duct, this 1.1-ton cooling capacity unit can cool spaces up to 90 feet away!

Kwikool® PHP™ Heat Pump

KPHP Series Portable Heat Pumps are ideal for dual heating and cooling applications. Units are available in 1.5-ton heating/1.1-ton or 1.8-ton heating/1.5-ton cooling capacities.

Kwikool® KPO 25-43

KPO 25-43 gets the job done with a reciprocating compressor type and 30-110F condenser operating temp. This model comes with a belt drive fan type and 14,000 air flow (CFM).


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KwiKool® Customers

In addition to our industrial customers, we are ready to serve military customers here at home and in bases around the world.

“Made in the USA” is a label that evokes patriotism, carries an unspoken promise of quality and has a political undertone of job security for American workers. Kwikool is in compliance with the “Made in the USA” standard.

Kwikool® products are made with each customer in mind. Each product is made to be as small and compact as possible without sacrificing performance or durability. Kwikool® seeks ways to improve products offering the highest value to our customers.

With more than fifty products in seven designated series of spot coolers and portable coolers, you can bet there is a unique product specifically designed for what you need.


Just tell us about your unique application and goals and we can help you find the right KwiKool® product for your mission, industrial or personal cooling needs.

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